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Products & Services

Covers, Hoods & Chutes

Fiberglass FRP Covers, Hoods and chutes

 We manufacture hoods, covers, and chutes to your specifications  and/or drawings. These can be made from a general purpose, a  corrosion resistant Fiberglass or a
thermoplastic ( PVC, CPVC ) material. 

Duct, Dampers & Fittings

Fiberglass FRP duct, dampers and fittings

 We manufacture the following standard FRP Fiberglass duct sizes. We also  manufacture duct fittings and dampers up to 42" diameter. Square, rectangular  and custom profiles specific to your requirements. These can be from a general  purpose or corrosion resistant material. 

(For above ground service only.)
Custom sizes available.  

Standard Duct Sizes  2" to 132" Dia


Fiberglass FRP manways and manway covers

 We can manufacture Fiberglass manways, sleeves and cover plates per  your sizes and specifications. General purpose or corrosion resistant.  

Housings & Enclosures

Fiberglass FRP housings, shrouds and enclosures

 We manufacture Fiberglass or Thermoplastic general purpose or  corrosion resistant ( PVC, CPVC ) housings, 

shrouds & enclosures
to your specifications and/or drawings.  

Pipe & Fittings

Fiberglass FRP Pipe and fittings

 We manufacture standard Fiberglass pipe sizes. We also  manufacture pipe fittings up to 42" diameter, square, rectangular  and custom profiles specific to your requirements. These can be  made of a general purpose or corrosion resistant material.
(For above ground service only.)
Custom sizes available. 

Tanks & Scrubbers

Fiberglass FRP tanks, stacks and scrubbers

 We manufacture round tanks and scrubbers to 10' diameter and  rectangular tanks to your drawings. These can be made from a  general purpose or corrosion resistant Fiberglass, thermoplastic   (PVC, CPVC ) material or be a dual-laminate of both materials. 

Bulk Tanker Linings & Repairs

Fiberglass FRP bulk tanker reline and repair

 FRP Fiberglass Relining and repairs to your bulk tanker trucks in  our facilities. Corrosion resistant or general purpose material. 

Inspections, Maintenance, Repairs & Modifications

Fiberglass FRP Inspections, Maintenance, Repairs & Modifications.

 Our qualified inspectors will do your fiberglass in process  Quality Control and installation inspections. 

Our services are available nationwide. 

We can install, inspect, modify or repair
your fiberglass parts, tanks, stack, 

scrubbers, etc.  

FRP linings and overlayment can be done in
our shop or at your site, depending on size. 

We can inspect, remove and replace scrubber packing. 

We can manufacture parts and install them for new  installations, replacements or additions in a general purpose  or corrosion resistant material. 

Inspection reports with photos are provided. 

Clarifier Effluent Troughs, Flumes & Weirs

Fiberglass FRP WWTP Catch Basins, Basin covers, Clarifier Effluent Troughs, Flumes and Weirs

 Fiberglass waste water treatment plant catch basins, basin  covers, clarifier effluent troughs, flumes and weirs. 

Insulation Jackets

Fiberglass FRP insulation jackets, wraps and saddles

 We can manufacture FRP Fiberglass  reinforced plastic insulation jackets, pipe  wraps and saddles. 

That are: 


Can be any size 

Can be any color 

Can be any shape 

Light and sturdy 

Easily replaceable 

Slide easily over insulated pipe 

Basic shape pictured - can be built to  specifications in a general purpose or  corrosion resistant material. 


Fiberglass FRP Skimmers

Custom skimmers

Cistern, Aeration, Septic and Well Covers

Fiberglass FRP Cistern, Aeration, Septic and Well Covers.

 Is your cistern, aeration system, septic system or well cover unsighty,  crumbling, unsafe or in need of replacement?
Having trouble finding a replacement?
Are you worried about your family or animals falling in?
We can make custom covers, corrosion resisitant, structurally strong  but light-weight. Custom colors and/or sizes to retrofit your system. 

Contact us now for a quote! 

Tank Pipe Nozzle Inserts

Fiberglass FRP Tank Pipe Nozzle Inserts

 FRP Fiberglass Pipe Nozzle Inserts for your tank lining and  re-lining requirements. Made to your specifications of  resin 

including general purpose and corrosion resistant,  dimensions and length. Can be drilled or undrilled. 

Speciality Items

Fiberglass FRP Custom and Speciality Items

 Fiberglass makes lightweight, 

durable replacements for
architectural enhancement 

or outdoor advertising.