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Fiberglass Septic cover

 Fiberglass  FRP and  Thermoplastic PVC,  CPVC  Capabilities 

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 FRP  Fiberglass,  CPVC, and  PVC  Products  and  Services 

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Field Services

Fiberglass field services, installations, inspections

 Our qualified inspector will do your fiberglass inspections. 

Our services are available nationwide. 

We can install, inspect, modify or repair
your fiberglass parts, tanks, stack, scrubbers, etc.  

FRP linings and overlayment can be done in
our shop or at your site, depending on size. 

We can inspect, remove and replace scrubber packing. 

We can manufacture parts and install them 

for new  installations, replacements or additions

 in a general purpose  or corrosion resistant material. 

Inspection reports with photos are provided. 

Why Use FRP

Fiberglass damper

Why Use Fiberglass FRP ?

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Fiberglass enclosure

  Kar-Del Plastics, Inc. has been in business since 1984 and is a manufacturer - fabricator of FRP fiberglass  reinforced plastic, fiberglass dual laminate, and thermoplastic, corrosion  resistant equipment including duct, pipe, fittings, dampers, tanks, nozzle  inserts, vessels, containment systems, hoods, stack, elevator casings,  clarifier effluent troughs, housings and enclosures, manways, cistern,  aeration and septic covers and many other items and structures.  

Fiberglass bait tank

  Vinylester, isophthalic, furan and polyester resins available. We ship, install, repair, inspect  and/or deliver nationwide.  


 With the ability to inspect, install, modify and repair our own or other  fabricators items we can provide full service with new installations,  maintenance, modifications,  

Being a "job-shop" allows us to manufacture our standard industrial  items, while also branching out into such items as a clamshell "lemon"  lemonade stand and a working model of the Marblehead Lighthouse.  

We can also repair your fiberglass pools, slides, jet skis and most other  items made of fiberglass reinforced plastic.  

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