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Corrosion Resistance
Excellent resistance to a variety of fluidic systems
Additional liners and coating not usually required
Biggest distinguishing factor over conventional pipe
Fatigue Endurance
Strength-to-Weight Ratio
Very high ratio - excellent efficiency
Surpasses cast iron, steel, stainless steel and concrete
Better fatigue endurance limits than metals
Flatter S-N curve characteristics
Lightweight Construction Materials
Comparable pipe weight 10 % of concrete pipe
Comparable pipe weight 25 % of steel pipe
Lower shipping, handling and transportation weight
Reduced energy requirements due to lower weight
Electrical Conductivity
Non-conductive electrical properties
Conductive properties may be tailored into design
Dimensional Stability
Maintains critical dimensional tolerances well
Low Maintenance
Cost: Does not undergo corrosive attack over time
Easier to clean and maintain smooth wall conditions
Minimal environmental protection required
Complex Shapes
Highly adaptable to complex shapes and contours
More adaptable than conventional materials
From CF Magazine Feb. 02 by Scott W. Beckwith
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