Fiberglass Custom Duct Piece
Standard Duct Sizes
Diameter Thickness
2" to 20" 1/8" thk
21" to 36" 3/16" thk
37" to 60" 1/4" thk
61" to 96" 5/16" thk
97" to 108" 3/8" thk
109" to 132" Special
Fiberglass Damper
Fiberglass Large Damper
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22 inch Fiberglass Duct
Special FRP Damper
We manufacture the following standard FRP Fiberglass duct sizes. We also manufacture duct fittings and dampers up to 42" diameter. Square, rectangular and custom profiles specific to your requirements. These can be from a general purpose or corrosion resistant material. (For above ground service only.)
Custom sizes available.
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FRP Fiberglass Duct, Dampers and Fittings
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